Parkersburg Country Club Pool Rules & Practices

General Pool Information
There is always a Pool Manager on duty, and we are required by the Health Department to have a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). We have an automated chemical controller on site, test our pool waters three times daily, keep a log of chemical levels, and offer excellent supervision and staff.  We have group swim lessons, private swim lessons, and a competitive swim team; details can be discussed with a staff member.  We offer games and most often entertainment for holiday events.

No smoking is permitted in the pool area.  No glass of any kind.

Pool Opening & Closing
The Pool is scheduled to open the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend each year.  The pool closes after our Labor Day celebration. 

Seasonal Pool Hours
Sunday & Monday - 11:00 – 5:00
Tuesday through Saturday – 11:00 – 7:00

Guest Policy
All members may bring an adult member at any time, on any day.  There is a $7 guest fee for all guests.  All members must sign in, as well as any guests, at all times.  There is a sign-in sheet upon entrance to the pool area.  School aged kids of members can only bring other school aged kids that live in Wood County on Wednesdays and Fridays.  No exceptions.
Reciprocal Country Club members do pay a per person guest fee.

Special arrangements can be made on a weekly basis if you have family in town.  Also, Grandparents may bring as many grandchildren for just $5 a day.

Pool Attire
All members must have bathing attire on at the pool.  Any member wishing access on the patio or in the bar area must have on a cover up and shoes.

We have a sportsbar staffed through the season, which we offer drinks, snacks, candy, ice cream and frozen novelties.  We also offer a pool menu, poolside, with the menu items made in our clubhouse kitchen, and delivered to you by our poolside service staff. This is the only menu available at the pool.

Pool Parties
Pool Parties at Parkersburg Country Club can only be booked and hosted by Club Members.  The pool may close no earlier than 7:00pm for a pool party, and only if approved by the General Manager.  There are special club events that make an exception to an earlier pool closing time.  All early closings will be announced in the weekly emails, and in the pool office.  A calendar of all pool party and pool events is posted in the pool office.  Set-up for pool parties may begin no earlier than 6:30pm.  Family members may come a half hour early to begin set up, but all guests are mandated to show up no earlier than time of party.  Since the pool closes at 5:00 on Sundays & Mondays it is encouraged to book a pool party on those days, especially for kids.  There can be no pool parties scheduled on Thursdays.

Pool Party Fees:
There must be two certified lifeguards on duty for pool parties, and a Pool Manager or Assistant Manager.  If the count goes over 40 people, an additional lifeguard will be necessary.  $175.00 for a two-hour minimum and $75.00 for each additional hour.

Pool Party Food & Beverage Allowances:
For children under 8 years old, food and beverages may be brought in if it is purchased retail, i.e. pizza, chips, and pop, or McDonald’s and other fast food venues.  Absolutely no homemade food is permitted.
For adults, all food and beverages must be purchased through Parkersburg Country Club.  A menu is available to choose menu options.
Cakes are permitted from outside venues at any time.

General Swimming Pool Rules
1.  All members must sign in (and their guests if any) upon entering the pool.
2.  The names of all out of town guests must be registered at the pool office before entering the pool.
3.  No Wood County children will be permitted at the pool during regular hours, as a guest, except for Wednesdays and Fridays.
4.  No person shall use either of the pools while suffering from any infections or contagious diseases.
5.  An adult must accompany all children 12 years of age and under.  Lifeguards, on duty, may not be asked to babysit children.
6.  The baby pool is restricted to children 5 years of age and under and must be accompanied by an adult.
7.  The guards will take a 15-minute break each hour at 15 minutes before each hour (a guard will always be in the chair during breaks). During this time only adults (18 years and over) and pool staff may swim.  Parents may take kids 4 years and under with them into the pool at this time.
8.  The Pool Manager and Lifeguards have full authority to discipline all persons at the pool for not following rules and practices.
9.  Due to the requirement of the State Health Department, all food must be purchased at PCC and must be eaten at the tables and lawn chairs provided.  Only baby food is allowed to be brought in.
10. No glass containers of any kind are permitted in the pool area and all members and guests are asked to place trash in the proper containers when done.
11. No cigar, cigarette or e-cigarette smoking will be permitted within the gates of the pool.
12. No dogs are permitted in the pool area.
13. No running will be tolerated on or around the pool deck area.
14. Diving is only permitted off the diving board in the deep end area to prevent injury.

15. Members and guest should exit the pool from either a pool-side ladder or stairs. Do not try to climb out of the pool so as not to damage the skimmers.
16. All complaints and requests should be communicated to the Pool Manager, Assistant Managers, Lifeguards, or General Manager.  We ask that all issues be addressed at the time they occur.

Thank you!
PCC Management